Redwood Hill is a small, family project inspired by a special piece of land perched high above the clouds atop the Mayacamas Mountains. Redwood Hill Vineyard was planted in 1992 to over six acres of Cabernet Sauvignon (4.25 acres), Cabernet Franc (1 acre) and Merlot (1 acre). We were fortunate to take over Redwood Hill in 2014. In addition to continuing farming operations at the vineyard, we also began producing small batches of our own wines under the Redwood Hill label. The vineyard served as our inspiration to produce authentic wines from our mountain fruit, defined by vivid colors and aromatics, sturdy tannins and natural acidity. The result: balanced, elegant wines of unique personality and nuance.

Redwood Hill changed forever during the early morning hours of October 9th, 2017. Just after midnight, we were awoken to a powerful wind and upon further inspection, we saw the flames of the Tubbs Fire moving rapidly across the property. Thankfully we were able to escape with little time to spare but the damage to Redwood Hill was immense – our home destroyed, much of the vineyard burned and damage to the vegetation across the property’s 60 acres vast.

While we have decided to move on from Redwood Hill, we are fortunate to be able to share with you the wines that we did make during our brief time on the Hill (2014-2017). We will release these wines in the coming years directly to members of our mailing list (CLICK HERE to join).

Additionally, we will donate $10 from every bottle we sell to fire-related relief efforts. Redwood Hill will forever be linked to the danger of wildfires and we are committed to playing a small part in helping provide relief for victims of these terrible fires.

Thank you for your interest in Redwood Hill. We are excited to share not only these delicious wines with you but also a small piece of our family’s past.


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